Ampersand Avenue ™ Sweatshirts

About Our Hoodies
Created by a hard-working mama in Utah, (she also owns Mindy Mae's Market!) you'll love her original designs! Don't be fooled by knock-offs. If it doesn't have the &ave label, it's not the real deal. It is with her permission that we are able to offer these hoodies in our store!

Unlike traditional hoodies (think Hanes or Fruit of the Loom) that offer a relaxed boxy fit, our &ave sweatshirts offer a long and lean, more feminine fit. (think like a yoga jacket, tight and fitted). If you don't want a fitted look, you can easily and comfortably go up 1-2 sizes for a baggier, looser fit. 

The size chart below illustrates the measurements of our hoodies when lying FLAT, unstretched.

Our DoubleHood™ Sweatshirts come in several different fabrics, and each offers a different amount of stretch and comfort level. They are all made from a cotton + elastane or spandex blend, and each one yields different stretchability.

You may be asking "WHY all the different fabrics?!?!" and the answer is simple. 
Different fabrics are better suited for some of the prints used, as well as different seasons. It also keeps things from getting boring! 

Super Soft & Stretchy Fabric: Offers the MOST stretch with 4-8 extra inches of stretching ability. Most ladies find they are comfortable in their usual size for hoodies made from this fabric. 

Sorta Stretchy Fabric: Offers 2-4 extra inches of stretch, and can be worn comfortably in your usual size OR one size up.
Non Stretch Fabric: Offers a minuscule amount of stretching ability. Most customers find they ABSOLUTELY NEED to size up 1-2 sizes. in sweatshirts made from this fabric. This fabric is usually used on intricately printed designs to prevent the prints from becoming distorted when worn. Heavier weighted fabrics also tend to offer less stretch. 

Please note: If you're a petite person, or have a smaller chest, you can stick with your normal size for these hoodies. If you are like me, Darby, and have a mom bod that you just don't like showing off so much, you may want to size up one or two sizes. 


Most asked question: 

Q: How do these wash? WIll they shrink?
A: YES. These are made from 100% cotton and/or cotton spandex fabric blends. Cotton has always been a fabric that shrinks, BUT, if you air-dry your hoodies and machine wash cold inside out, they should be just fine and have minimal shrinking side effects. For best results, we recommend dry or steam cleaning!